On the boat all year round.

People who own a boat would like to use it more often. However, the number of days per year is limited. The biggest spoilsport is the cold. The heated cushions of Sit & Heat not only keep you warm, they are also very comfortable. A comfortable trip is guaranteed!
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Sit & heat technology heated cushions


Whether it is a sloop or a sailing yacht, our cushions are custom-made for every type of boat. You can choose from various water-repellent and washable fabrics in more than 250 colours. Put together your own cushion for the perfect match with your boat! Many Amsterdam canal cruise companies have already done so!

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Your body is heated from the back part of the pillow, which gives a pleasant feeling throughout your body. Everyone can decide how warm he or she wants it to be. If you do not want any warmth, simply switch it off.


Sit & Heat uses 40 Watts, saving you 95% on energy costs.

Environmentally friendly

A sensor in the cushion senses when someone is sitting on it. So no energy is wasted!
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