Efficiënt warm, efficiënt werk.

Why Sit & Heat?

We can install heating in the back and seat of any office chair. This offers many advantages: more comfort while saving energy costs. The chair keeps your entire torso warm, which means you will be warmed up in no time. Do you have back problems? The heat improves the blood circulation in your back and makes painful, stuck muscles and joints flexible again. Moreover, you make a sustainable choice: you reduce CO2 emissions. Take a quick look to see which product is right for you!
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Efficient warm, efficient work

Not too warm, not too cold: a pleasant temperature ensures the best working conditions. However it is difficult to keep everyone happy, especially in large workplaces. The simple solution: a heated office chair from Sit & Heat! This way, the thermostat can be lowered. With a control panel, each employee can set the desired warmth himself. There are three different settings: low, medium and high.


Warm backs and buttocks, that's what hard workers want! With heated office chairs
you can select the most comfortable heat and avoid back problems.


Save on your energy costs: you don't need to heat as often or as hard. For our own office of 50m2, this saved me €500 in one year already!

Environmentally friendly

In addition to being cost-effective, Sit & Heat is also eco-friendly. Do your part and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
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