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Heating without losing heat

Terrace heater 2.0

Sit & Heat is the environmentally friendly cousin of the traditional terrace heater. Electric or gas heaters cost an unnecessary amount of energy and money, while they mainly heat the outside air. And why would you literally heat up the earth if you only want to keep your terrace guests warm? Founder Jorg Rijkschroeff realised that a simple solution is the best: heated cushions. Plus, it's very comfortable!

Just sit down and enjoy it

Less energy consumption, more comfort: that is the unique combination of Sit & Heat. Energy is no longer lost to the outside air, because you insulate the heat when you sit on the cushion. At the same time, the Sit & Heat cushion warms exactly where it is needed: your torso. This is where most of your body's organs are located, so you will feel warm very quickly. You can adjust the heat of each cushion yourself. So you will never be too hot or too cold. Even more convenient: when you stand up, the pillow turns off automatically.
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Who's it for?

Sit & Heat is for all people who enjoy life and love nature. For people who often sit outside, in summer sunshine and winter weather. For restaurant owners who like to welcome their guests on the terrace for as long and as often as possible. For stadium managers who want to provide warmth to soccer fans during the match all year round. For people working from home or office workers who get cold easily. And for everyone who wants to snuggle up warm and cosy in front of the TV with the thermostat one degree lower.

This is what we're all about:


Sit & Heat wants the best for people and the environment.


Sit & Heat is open-minded and always willing to take on new and unexpected ideas.


Sit & Heat shows boldness in its business.
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Making it happen

Sit & Heat keeps its promises and agreements.


Sit & Heat inspires others, and others inspire us.
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