Tapas Bar de Markt

Breda, The Netherlands

"What I like doing most myself? Yes, that is setting up and developing new things", says Dirk van de Voort, owner of Tapasbar de Markt in Breda. Dirk is a real entrepreneur who loves innovation. "You are always changing," is something Dirk often hears. "Sometimes people doubt those changes. Me too. But if your guests are happy at the end of the day... That's what gives me energy!

Continue to grow

Meanwhile, Dirk has been the owner of Tapasbar de Markt in Breda for two years. Inside it is small, but outside he has a large terrace with a view of the church and over the large market. That is why it is interesting for Dirk to get the most out of his terrace: "By having extra warmth and comfort on my terrace, I increase my seating capacity in winter", he says. After two years, the terrace of the tapas bar is already growing enormously. "For the time being, I want to keep growing. I notice that the investments in the terrace bring in more income," says Dirk. "Next year we will start with windbreaks, another new challenge. 

People don't believe it

Sit & Heat cushions have been on Dirk's terrace for a few months now. "By using my heaters less, I hope to eventually save a lot of money on energy costs", he says and adds: "I read a column by Radboud Bergevoet in the Misset horeca. He explained how Sit & Heat provides an element of service and hospitality to guests. This is why you stuck around. And the reactions are very nice to hear. Many people don't believe it: 'Heated cushions? Really?', they say. Then when they sit down, they think it's brilliant! I am sure they will share this experience at home". 

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