We have a wide range of sustainable fabrics available which you can choose from.
The cushions have a removable cover which makes washing, repairing and replacing them a breeze.

Hand washing

Soak the fabric in a solution of 60 ml of mild soap per 3.8 liters of lukewarm water. UCarefully use a sponge or very soft brush to remove the stain. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue. Allow the fabric to air dry.

Washing machine

First close all the zips. Then wash the fabric in the washing machine with cold water on the gentle cycle with a standard amount of mild detergent For stubborn mould, add 235 ml of bleach. Allow the fabric to air dry completely.


Miami and Orlando are robust polyester fabrics that are 100% waterproof. The high quality of the dyes gives the fabrics a great colourfastness: the colour hardly changes due to sunlight. The Miami fabric has an even colour. The Orlando fabric is a blend of two colours of threads. Both fabrics are water-repellent and easy to clean: wash at 30° and let air dry.


The Agora outdoor fabric collection is soft and durable. Thanks to this fabric, our cushions care quite durable. The colour remains beautiful and bright even if the cushions are left in bright sunlight or cleaned with bleach every day. Stains do not stand a chance. Agora Lisos is a fine fabric, Agora Panama is a slightly coarser weave. Both fabrics are water-repellent. To ensure the longest possible lifespan, it is important to bring the cushions inside when it is raining heavily.


We also produce customised heated cushions with Sunbrella. This is high-quality soft textile, specially developed for outdoor use. The cushions are water- and dirt-resistant, mould-resistant and easy to clean with soap and water. The fabric is colourfast: it is not affected by sunlight or chemicals. Simply put, your cushion is and will stay beautiful and luxurious. Sunbrella has more than 300 colours in its collection. Various fabric variants are available from Sit & Heat, such as Sunbrella Solid & Stripes or Sunbrella Wet.
Solid & Stripes
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