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On the couch or in the garden

Heating cushions for a warm home

Our energy-efficient heating cushions give a warm welcome. Inside or outside, wherever you want. The thermostat can be set one degree lower in the house, when you snuggle up in front of the TV. Outdoors you can stay warm even on cold winter days. You can choose between different water-repellent and washable fabrics, in more than 250 colours. Create your own cushion for the perfect fit with your interior!

Scatter cushions

Sit & Heat's heated cushions not only provide extra seating comfort, they also save energy. The heat from heaters and your heater is largely lost to the (outside) air. But a heating cushion only heats where it is really needed: your torso. This way, your body gets warm quickly and the thermostat can be lowered by a few degrees. Better for you, better for the environment and better for your energy bill.
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Chair cushions

Een stoelkussen dat vanzelf warm wordt als je gaat zitten: daar word je blij van. Het verwarmde rug- en zitvlak krijgt stroom via een batterij, die makkelijk te verwisselen is. De stoelkussens zijn helemaal naar wens samen te stellen, eventueel zelfs met een logo. Je hebt de keuze uit verschillende modellen en meer dan 250 kleuren.
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Bench cushions

The sofa on your terrace has found its match. Shape, colour, upholstery: the choice is yours. The Lounge is made to measure for each sofa, including corners and curves. The cushions consist of a back and seat, with up to three heated seats. Each guest can adjust the heat separately: never too hot or too cold.
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On the sofa or in your garden

Sit & Heat is for those who enjoy life. For those who want to sit on their balcony as often as possible. For those who want to crawl into a warm bed every night. For anyone who wants to enjoy a warm garden chair on a beautiful autumn evening. For those who want to feel warm everywhere and in an environmentally friendly way. Does that sound familiar? Then create your own cushions with our configurator, or choose a heat cushion in our shop. 
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Anytime & Anywhere 

The Sit & Heat heat pads are available wirelessly and wired. So you'll always have your favourite heater close at hand!

Completely satisfactory

With the Sit & Heat configurator, you can easily put together your own cushion. The perfect match for your furniture, your taste and your style.


Sit & Heat cushions allow you to turn down the heating, save on energy costs and contribute to a more beautiful world! 

Cosy and comfortable

The Sit & Heat heat pads are wonderfully warm and soft. They warm your torso for a pleasant experience of warmth. 
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Responsible production

At Sit & Heat, profit is not our priority. Our cushions are made in a social firm: we create jobs for people who are distanced from the labour market.
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