Build-in office chairs

Sit & Heat can be built into almost any business seat, including existing ones.
One of our heating coaches will gladly look into the possibilities for your chairs. 

In every business seat

With Sit & Heat in your existing seats, you can easily upgrade your business tribune. One of our heating coaches will be happy to look at the possibilities for your stand, with Sit & Heat being incorporated directly into your existing seats.

VIP System

With the Sit & Heat VIP System set the heat level yourself. Using the control panel, you can easily turn the heat up, down or off. Sit & Heat is only turned on when someone sits down on the chair. Thanks to the built-in sensor, Sit & Heat automatically switches off when he or she leaves the seat.

Retro Fit

After assessing your business seats, we make a planning together. In doing so, we look at the right timing. After disassembling the seats, we install our Sit & Heat system, after which the seats can be reassembled. In consultation with your home installer, we determine the placement of the necessary connection points and we will take care of the connection of the seats.
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