What is Sit & Heat?

Sit & Heat offers energy efficient terrace heating with comfortable wired or battery charged cushions which save 95% of your energy costs! The Sit & Heat heating only switches on when your guest sits down on the cushion and they can use the control button to personalise the level of heat. Because heating elements are located in both the seat and backrest, the body directly benefits from the optimal temperature of the cushion. And when your guest leaves, the heating switches off automatically after two minutes.


Becasue Sit & Heat offers your guests the benefit of staying warm and comfortable, they will be able to relax longer and consume more! Not only will your existing customers increase their spend, but you'll be able to extend your outdoor seating to offer comfort to guests right through the winter months.


With Sit & Heat you save up to 95% in energy, both in consumption and costs! The sensor in the cushion ensures that the heating automatically goes on and off so you won't waste energy into the air.
unnecessary energy consumption! 


Sit & Heat is an innovative way to warm your guests. And there's no doubt that word will soon spread, attracting new customers and taking your business to the next level. Why not give your guests something to talk about with Sit & Heat!

Heated seats

A chair cushion that heats up automatically when sat on, will definitely keep your guests happy! The heated back and seat cushions are powered by a battery that is easy to change. The cushions are fully customizable so can be adapted to your business brand and style. Choose from multiple styles and over 250 colours.
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How do you keep your seats warm?
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