Grand Café De Kogelvanger

Breda, The Netherlands

De Kogelvanger' is situated at a unique location on the edge of the Mastbos forest, five minutes from the centre of Breda. The restaurant overlooks the nature reserve, which used to be a military training area. Here, Peter and Ellen have transformed an old café into a catering establishment that fits in perfectly with the surroundings.

Appreciation is often in the small things

"The nicest compliment I get is that people have found their niche here, they are happy that we are here," says Peter. "People like the fact that they don't have to choose between a lunch or dinner menu. They can choose what they feel like. It's often the little things that make them appreciate us so much. Just like the extra comfort of the Sit & Heat cushions". 

 "They are the first places to be occupied"

Many positive reactions

"The response to Sit & Heat is very good. People find it a pleasant way of heating," says Peter. "I myself hate having such a hot heater on my face". Ellen and Peter ordered extra Sit & Heat cushions after only a few months. "Guests were waiting for a Sit & Heat seat to become available. The seats are the first to be occupied. Amazing concept!"

A satisfied person

"What is my ultimate dream? Poohhh I have several... Maybe one day I will have another business, but I will certainly see more of the world", says Peter. "At the moment I am completely satisfied. I love dealing with guests. And Ellen is what I'm most proud of," says Peter. "Everything she does for the business, the way it looks now, I owe to her. 

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